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    “Robin was a great help to my husband and me. She spent a lot of time with us analyzing our specific financial situation and was able to apply very tailored solutions to our money problems. But more importantly to us, was the way in which Robin educated us about money. She took us through a process where we looked at the way in which we were raised to view money and how that history had a direct impact on our financial habits.”

    - Maura & Miles B., NY

    “My debt plan was realistic and didn’t force me to make unrealistic and drastic expense cuts. I was expecting a Suze Orman beat down but Robin gave me the encouragement and didn’t make me feel bad about my situation. In fact, it has been very easy to follow.”

    - Adina E. Washington, DC

    “Robin Young was integral in helping me to re-focus my financial life and aim clearly toward long-term personal and professional goals. She provided me with a “smart money” education and tailored her suggestions in ways that made sense to me and worked for who I am as a person and how I move through my life. Robin designed my daily and weekly spending amounts, which helped me maintain my spending plan, which I still utilize years later.”

    - Isolde B. NY, NY

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